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Angelus & Marie Louise DeGroene DeKlerck
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Oldest photo taken ca1906 - last photo taken ca1940

This collection of photos came from my mother Marie Frenz, my grandmother Clara DeClerck Jaspaert, my great-aunt Elodie DeClerck Jacobs, my mother's cousins: Clare DeRycke Needham and Aubrey DeRycke. Other family photos came be found on Jay's site & family mass cards can be seen on Harry's site.

Angelus DeKlerck was born on May 4, 1859 in Watervliet, Belgium and he died on March 11, 1944 in Waterland-Oudeman, Belgium. On June 19, 1881 in Yzendyke, Holland he married Marie Louise DeGroene who was born on Feb 13, 1861 in Yzendyke, Holland and who died on Dec 26, 1944 in Waterland-Oudeman, Belgium.

They had 13 children:
1-Peter DeClerck [Agnes Byrne]
2-Emilie DeClerck [Emil Goole]
3-Amelie A DeClerck [Alois DeRycke]
4-Maria L DeClerck [Camiel VerHulst]
5-Clara M DeClerck [Alois Jaspaert]
6-Sophie M DeClerck [Joseph DeRycke]
7-Elodie M DeClerck [Jean Baptiste Jacobs]
8-Leonie M DeClerck [Jules Claeys]
9-Emil DeClerck
10-Stephanie DeClerck [divorced Clarence Schaefer]
11-Philemon DeClerck [Maria Callemeyn]
12-Augusta DeClerck [Rene Casneuf]
13-Camiel DeClerck [Mary McLean]

top row: Leonie, Sophie, Maria, Clara, Elodie
bottom row: Emil, Philemon, father, Camiel, mother, Augusta, Stephanie

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Family without the 3 oldest who were already in Rochester, NY